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Braun Design


During Spring 2022, I had the privilege of interning with the Braun Design Team in Kronberg, Germany. Here's a glimpse of the projects I contributed to.A special thanks to Wolfgang Stegmann, Gregor Ptok, and the entire Braun design team for their invaluable mentorship.


Consumer Tech


Wake up light
Brief (provided by licensing partner): Leverage Braun into a new category of clocks by designing a “wake-up clock” that mimics the sunrise to wake consumers up more naturally.

Wall Clock
Brief (provided by licensing partner): Design an affordably priced entry level wall clock with a classic Braun look and feel based on the BC12 alarm clock.

Speaking Clock
Brief (provided by licensing partner): Design an alarm clock that has a speaking function and a large number display to appeal to consumers both with and without visual impairments.

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