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Hi, I'm David, a multidisciplinary designer specializing in industrial design, branding, and 3D visualization. I recently graduated from the DAAP Industrial Design program at the University of Cincinnati. During my time there, I completed five internships across the country and abroad, gaining valuable experience in both fast-paced agencies and in-house teams.

With a background spanning across a range of design sectors, I've cultivated a multifaceted and adaptable approach to design. As a self-proclaimed "generalist," I approach each project with humility, embracing collaboration, and constantly seeking to expand my skill set.

Currently, I'm working as a design contractor at the Office of Opal specializing in branding and web design, while actively seeking more freelance and full-time opportunities.


Industrial Design
Web Design
Brand Identity
Design Research + Strategy

Art Direction
Product Visualization
Cosmetics + Packaging Design


solo traveling
my black boots
brewing kombucha
public transportation
cultural immersion
live music
sketching nature
leather jackets                            
queer environments
techno + house music
rollerblading with friends
strenuous hikes

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